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The Elements of Harmony Fairies are the fairies that make sure that everybody in the human world and fairyland has loyalty, kindness, laughter, magic, honesty, generosity and harmony thanks to their special things without them, everyone would be in gloom and in terrible times.

The Fairies

Colette the Loyalty Fairy

Colette the Loyalty Fairy has strawberry blonde (red) with rainbow smoothing, and she has fair skin, a lovely blue dress with a pink satin sash and wears silver glass slippers like Cinderella's and her wings have blue tint, Her magic item is a a golden necklace with a red lightning bolt gem

Represents: Rainbow Dash

Sheila the Kindness Fairy

Sheila has long blonde hair with light pink smoothing like a princess, she has fair skin, She wears a white dress and skirt, pink arm gloves, yellow hat, and pink mary jane shoes, her magic item is a golden necklace with a butterfly gem. She is possibly a recolour of Roxie (in the movie: Let It Shine)'s fashion.

Represents: Fluttershy

Lenny the Laughter Fairy

Lenny has brunette hair with pink smoothing, pink dress, dark pink dress with a balloon, and a pair of blue sparkly high heels. Her wings have pink tint and her magic item is a gold necklace with a blue balloon-shaped gem.

Represents: Pinkie Pie

Veronica the Magic Fairy

File:Veronica the Magic Fairy.PNG

Veronica has straight hair dyed with purple and pink streaks, and a semi-dark skin. She usually wears purple dress with an indigo scarf, pale purple boots, and a pink-purple 6-pointed star-shaped jewel bracelet which is not shown in the picture. Her wings have violet tint and her magic item is a gold tiara with a pink-purple 6-pointed star-shaped jewel with tiny sapphires.

Represents: Twilight Sparkle

Natasha the Honesty Fairy

Natasha has blonde hair with a red apple hairclip, and red ponytail. She wears an orange camisole, green leggings and red high heels. Her wings have green tint and her magic item is a gold necklace with a red apple-shaped gem.

Represents: Applejack

Gladys the Generosity Fairy

Gladys has glossy red hair with purple streaks, white sparkling dress, and a pair of purple diamond earrings. Her wings have light blue tint and her magic item is a gold necklace with a purple diamond.

Represents: Rarity

Halley the Harmony Fairy

Halley has brunette hair, and rose pink lipstick. She wears a teal camisole with some glitter, golden bracelet, and white high heels. Her wings have yellow tint and her magic item is a book-shaped case (to keep all magic items mentioned before)

Represents: ???