Melina the Miracle Aura Fairy is the fourth fairy in the Aura Fairies. She has a Miracle gem to make sure Miracles work at Battles. wthout it. Miracles will end Messed up.

Melina the Miracle Aura Fairy
Race fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Birthday July 2nd
Series Aura Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) a blue gem
Symbol(s) dark blue "M" inside a sky blue flame


Melina wears a blue dress, blue high heels, and light blue star earrings. Her hair is black and her wings have light blue tint.

Powers and abilities

  • the seven standard powers of a fairy
  • make all fairies have miracle aura


  • Her cutie mark is a miracle aura with a darker 'M' inside shooting from her blue wand.
  • Miracle aura is one of the auras in Animal Kaiser.
  • Miracle aura actually doesn't make someone more powerful. Instead, it just increases the damage of the miracle.
  • Miracle Aura was introduced in Version 3.
  • Her birthday is the same as the release date of Paris Blohm's "Miracle", without the release date