File:Martha the Ice Figure Skating Fairy drawn by Amathist1998.PNG
Martha the Ice Figure Skating Fairy is the fourth fairy in Snow Kingdom Fairies


Martha has tan skin, blonde hair and silver eyeshadow. She wears an indigo dress with a butterfly picture on her dress, lilac stockings and pink ice skates. Her wings have a green tint. 

The unicorn's appearance

Martha's Magic Unicorn's name is called Tara. Tara has Indigo skin. Her mane and tail is light blue and lavender, her cutie mark is a butterfly, and her eyes are magenta. Tara has a silver magic horn with white aura which let Martha, Rachel and Kirsty find Sparky the Pink Snowflake Spirit.

Martha the Ice Figure Skating Fairy

Martha with Tara and Sparky drawn by Destiny

Powers and abilities

  • The seven standard powers of a fairy
  • Makes sure that ice dancers perform well (like Nutcracker and Swan Lake)


  • Her magic unicorn's name is Tara
  • Her magic fairy dust shape is an ice skating shoe
  • Her U.S. name is Alyson the Ice Skating Fairy
  • She is also best friends with Imogen the Ice Dance Fairy and Isla the Ice Star Fairy