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Keisha the Winter fun and Snow Games Fairy is the fifth fairy in the Snow Kingdom Fairies


Keisha wears a purple dress with 3 layers of frills, purple leggings, pink high heels, A Purple Necklace which is similar to Thea the Thursday Fairy's Necklace. blue eyeshadow, and pink earmuffs. Her hair is brunette (brown) and her wings have a dark purple tint.

The unicorn's appearance

Keisha's Magic Unicorn's name is called Sylvia, Sylvia has lilac skin, Her mane and tail is Purple and Lilac and her cutie mark is an hourglass, Sylvia has a silver magic horn with turquoise aura which let Keisha, Rachel and Kirsty find Icy the Green Snowflake Spirit.

Powers and abilities

1. the seven standard powers of a fairy

2. makes sure that the winter fun and snow games like building a snowman and snowball fights can be so much fun


  • Her magic unicorn's name is Sylvia
  • Her magic fairy dust shape is a snowball
  • Her U.S. name is Nicky the Winter Games Fairy
  • Her name was originally going to be Kimberley When Amathist1998 shockingly found out that in The Animal Rescue Fairies it had Kimberley the Koala Fairy so she decided to rename her Keisha instead