The Element Fairies are fairies by CupcakeDancerTheSecond.


Fairy Profiles

  • Serena the Fire Fairy: Serena met the girls in Fairyland. Her object is Zuzu the flame spirit, who can be found using Serena’s fox Ashley’s earflames. Without Zuzu, fires, ash, and other things related to fire will be gone forever.
  • Mallow the Water Fairy: Mallow found the girls when Rachel saw her though a telescope. She has a magical rabbit called Bunny that can lead the girls to Aqua, the magical water spirit. Without Aqua, water will be poisoned.
  • Quilla the Earth Fairy: Quilla first met the girls when she flew out of their flower pot. She owns Blossom the hedgehog. Without Leafy the earth spirit, flowers, trees, and other plants will shrivel up and die, even when it has it’s food.
  • Diane the Air Fairy: She met Rachel and Kirsty when she flew out of a fan, which wasn't working. She has a fox called Windy who has feelers that lead to Breeze, who helps air do its job. Without it, air won’t work and people can’t cool off.