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Dea the Defense Aura Fairy
Race fairy
Gender ♀ Female
Birthday May 26th
Series Aura Fairies
Magical Item(s) / Animal(s) a light gray gem
Symbol(s) a medium gray "D" inside a pale gray flame

Dea is the first fairy of the Aura Fairies. She Has a Defense gem that Makes sure all people keep Defense under control. without it. Defenses will end messed up.


Dea drawn by Amathist1998

Dea the Defense Aura Fairy by Amathist1998

Dea wears a light blue top, light gray sleeveless waistcoat, a gold belt, a gray skirt with ranging colours from light to dark, light blue stockings, blue high heels, and a gray dragonfly hairclip. Her hairstyle is same to Stacy Hirano, and her wings have gray tint (same toLexi the Firefly Fairy.
Dea drawn by Destiny the Pop Star Fairy

Dea the Defense Aura Fairy drawn by Destiny the Pop Star Fairy

Powers and abilities

  • the seven standard powers of a fairy
  • make all fairies have defense aura


  • Her cutie mark is a defense aura with a darker gray 'D' inside it which shoots out from her gray wand.
  • Defense Aura is one of the auras in Animal Kaiser.
  • Defense Aura makes someone more long-surviving with decreasing the damage.
  • Defense and Shining Auras were introduced in Version 1.
  • Toughness Aura, one of the Auras in Great Animal Kaiser, is roughly the same as Defense Aura.
  • Defense is the way it's spelled in the game.