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City of Love is a song from "Lauren and Miley in The Longest Fairy Summer" It also has similar lyrics to the Phineas and Ferb one


Isabella: So, Lauren, what do you think of the City of Love?
LaurenI wish it was the City of Airplane Parts...
Isabella: Oh, you're just too stressed! You should take a break to relax and enjoy it.

We could share a crepe sucree
At the Parisian cafe
Lauren; Huh, that awning could be used as a sail. Or you know, maybe a parachute. It depends on how things go.
Isabella: Take a break and smell these flowers
Underneath the Eiffel Tower
Lauren: I wonder if they still have pieces of that hangin' 'round? The rivets should come in handy.
Isabella: Oh, Lauren...

Won't 'cha share a creme brulee with me?
Lauren: Hey, look at that nifty blow torch!
Isabella: How perfect could this be
In the City of Love?
Matilda/Kimberley : (In the City of Love)
Isabella: In the City of Love...
Miley(Low voice) (In the City of Love)

Isabella: We could try some fancy cheese
Or peruse the galleries
Lauren: I wonder if oil-based paint is a rocket fuel.
Isabella: Ain't this day a perfect one,
How do I look in this beret?
Lauren: Oh, that reminds me. We should've needed helmets!

Isabella: Oh, how can't she feel in the same way
When we're strollin' down the Champs-Elysees
In the City of Love?
Mara(In the City of Love)
Matilda/Kimberley: In the City of Love

Isabella: I wish that she would whisper, "Ma cherie, je t'aime"
But all she wanna do is fix that plane
In the City of Love
Arlene: (In the City of Love)
Isabella: In the City of Love...(In the City of Love)
In the City of Love..(In the City of Love)