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File:Cerys the Snowboard cross fairy drawn by Amathist1998.PNG
Cerise the Snowboard Cross Fairy

Cerys the Snowboard Cross Fairy with Cuby and Linda Drawn by Destiny

Cerys the Snowboard Cross Fairy is the second fairy in Snow Kingdom Fairies.


She has asian skin, Asian Black Hair, a pink dress dress with Pink leggings, pink eyeshadow, and her wings have a green tint.

The unicorn's appearance

She has a magic teal unicorn named Linda. She has an teal skin, ice blue mane, dark blue eyes, and a rainbow cutie mark. Linda owns a silver magic horn which lights up with yellow aura, which let Cerys, Kirsty, and Rachel find Cuby the yellow snowflake spirit.

Powers and Abilities

1. the seven standard powers of a fairy

2. makes sure people can never lose and keep trying to win without cheating in snowboard cross


  • Her magic unicorn's name is Linda
  • Her magic fairy dust shape is a Snowboard
  • Her U.S. name is Lynn the Snowboard Cross Fairy