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Carmine the Catering Fairy is the first fairy in the Wedding Fairies.


She wears a white dress, a pair of pink glass slippers and blue eyes. Her skin is light, her hair is strawberry red and her wings have red tint (same likeLeah the Theatre Fairy)

The unicorn's appearance

She has a rainbow unicorn named Fantasia. Fantasia has pink skin with blue, purple and Yellow fur mixed on it, Gold eyes. She owns a gold magic horn that keeps the magic plate of desserts are kept well with her Rainbow magic aura.

Powers and abilities

  • the seven standard powers of a fairy
  • make sure all caterings in weddings are sent in time


  • Her magic fairy dust shape is a plate of puddings (same like her magic charm)
  • She doesn't have a U.S. name like most fairies
  • Catering means someone who delivered food and beverages to another place.