Akela the Exercise Fairy is the 1st fairy in The Healthy Fairies series created by shimmershineleah.

Short summary form the back cover

Rachel's and Kristy's life is going to be cool! Rachel and Kristy are going to by the sea, where a new camp sits,where adventures and new BFFS await! On their first day there, Rachel meets Gracelyn. With pale skin, sea green eyes and a Peterson-like voice, she's the sort of girl that could fall in love. However, when a magic scarf is put onto Kristy, magic happens. The girls find themselves face-to-face with some fairies when they meet seven fairies who need their help. Seven items of theirs were stolen! The girls don't want to help but when a group of kids called the "Exercise kiddos" disappear, they know Jack Frost is behind this.

With assistance from Akela, courage, wits, video game playing skills, cunning plans, imagination, and the inadvertent help of Gracelyn and a kitten, Rachel and Kristy must find a way to save the Fitbit from Jack Frost.

The adventure is just beginning...


Akela has peach skin and wavy, blonde, waist-length hair with pink-dyed hair up to her shoulders. She wears a black T-shirt with the word "GYMNAST" in white lettering on the side, black athletic shorts, and sparkly dark-blue walking shoes. She wears a black sweatband which has the word "DANCE" in silver lettering, and a lavender Fitbit. Her wings are tinted silver.


Akela's magical object is her Fitbit.


  • The first result of the Fitbit going missing (and the premise too),a small group of children,once the heirs of the English mysteriously vanishing is based on true events.In the past a group of kiddos went missing.